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SEO: The ULTIMATE Checklist For Perfectly Optimized ONpage in 2020 - When I scoured the internet I found interesting things for SEO optimization, and there were a number of reviews that explained that they had succeeded in making their site Google Onpage now.

Quoted from blackhatworld "The ULTIMATE Checklist For Perfectly Optimized ONpage in 2020"

Table of contents:

  1. Title Tag - Start With Your Keyword
  2. Seo Friendly URL
  3. Title Power Words And Characters - Improve your CTR TODAY!​
  4. Wrap Your Title In H1 Tag
  5. Add Multimedia Content In Your Post
  6. Subheadings In H2 Tags
  7. Keyword In The First 100-150 Words
  8. Keyword In The Last 100-150 Words
  9. Responsive Design
  10. Use Outbound Links
  11. Internal Links
  12. Site Speed
  13. LSI Keywords
  14. Image Optimization
  15. Social Sharing Buttons
  16. Post Long Content​
  17. Boost Dwell Time​
  18. Dwell Time

I covered all, from title tag to conclusion so you can make your website and your articles just perfect for 2020 and coming Google algorithms.

If Google changes something in 2020 I will make an update but for now, this checklist will be more then enough to boost your site rankings drastically.

Let's dive right in.

1. Title Tag - Start With Your Keyword

​Title tag is the most important on-page SEO factor.

To get the most of it, try to put your keyword at the beginning of the title tag (keyword for title tag in this case; On-page SEO).

Title Tag - Start With Your Keyword

You can see this in action. Let's take "low carb diets" keyword;

Let's take "low carb diets" keyword
As you can see, most pages that ranks for competitive keywords strategically placed their keywords at the beginning of their title tag.

If you want to get ranked for "your own" keyword, you should follow these steps.

- Title you should avoid: 11 Ways to use low carb diets

- Title you should use: Low Carb Diets Tips; 5 Ways To Lose Your Pounds

2. Seo Friendly URL​

Google uses your URL as a clue to help them figure out the topic of your page.
It's actually the same as title tag and content.

So, try to make them easy for Google.

First of all, try to avoid URL's like this: (this one doesn't say anything actually)

Try to avoid long and meaningless long URLs like this one:

- The winning combination is a short URL (with medium tail keyword URL) which ranks better according to many case studies:
Seo Friendly URL

How to Make a Website: The Complete Guide to Starting a Website

3. Title Power Words And Characters - Improve your CTR TODAY!​

- Number In Title TAG

Numbers grab attention, so If make sense with your niche site try to add numbers in your title:
17 Ways to…
How I increased my traffic by 45%...
732 Extremely Satisfied Clients

How I lost 20.5 pounds in 45 days
Title Power Word

- Use Brackets And Parentheses

This is another cool thing to optimize your CTR:
[Case Study]
Optimize CTR

Amazing! Organic Search = 27% More Traffic In 21 Days (Case Study)
Social Media Marketing Tools: Only The BEST By [72] Experts

- Add Current Year

If your posts are compatible with this option you should go for it.
That will make your posts up to date.

Examples; The ULTIMATE SEO GUIDE For 2020
The Ultimate SEO Guid For 2020
Lots of people search for “keyword year” on Google. And adding the year to your title can help you rank for those terms.

- Add Magnetic Word In The Title Tag

If you want your title to stand out of the crowd you should use magnetic words:

Full list:
Add Word In The Title Tag

Sumo explained a lot more about Power words and I strongly recommend you to read and implement.

- Emotional Segment For Better Title Optimization

So, let’s compare first.

Title like this sounds OK; 17 Ways To Get More Traffic
But this one has that “emotional moment”: 17 AMAZING Tricks To BOOST your Traffic TODAY!

See the difference?

Just try to evoke emotions and people will click.

Here’s a little helper; to see if your title is optimized or need some more work.
Emotional Segment For Better Title Optimization

- Title Tag Length

Your title ideally should be 50-60 characters. That’s the best practice for the highest CTR.
Try to fit all, including your site name at the end of the line;

- Magnetic Word In Description Tag

We already discussed the above magnetic words. Just implement in description tag.

It’s true that Google probably doesn’t use description tag a direct ranking signal but it will certainly improve CTR.

Magnetic Word In Description Tag
Read More: SEO - Broken Link Building and Finding Dropped Domains with Good Authority

- Keyword In Description TAG

It’s the same it was for the title. Try to add your keyword at least once or twice in the description tag, at the beginning and at the end of the description tag.

See image below:
Keyword In Description TAG

4. Wrap Your Title In H1 Tag

​Make your headline Tag H1.
WP and other CMS’s automatically do this for you but you can check your code and see if that’s the case.

Wrap Your Title In H1 Tag

5. Add Multimedia Content In Your Post​

We are visual beings and sometimes articles without multimedia content can be boring to read which means a higher bounce rate.

Add images, screenshots, lists, and videos.

Adding multimedia doesn’t have a direct effect on your page’s rankings but it increases the perceived value of your content.

6. Subheadings In H2 Tags

​Subheadings will make your readers easier because your article will be nicely split, especially if you have longe article, 5.000-10.000 words.

Try to add your main keyword in, at least one of your subheadings. That also applies to H3 tags.

7. Keyword In The First 100-150 Words

​Add main keyword in the first 100-150 words of your article and help Google to understand what your post is all about.

Keyword In The First 100-150 Words

8. Keyword In The Last 100-150 Words​

It's very important to add your main keyword in conclusion or simple to add in the last 100-150 words of your article. That will give Google an additional note of article relevance.

Keyword In The Last 100-150 Words​

9. Responsive Design

​Don’t forget to make your website responsive, which means nicely visible for all devices.
That will certainly increase your traffic.

 Responsive Design Website Template

10. Use Outbound Links​

Google wants to see your site activity on the web, and backlinks pointing from yours to related pages.
This will possibly affect your site so try to put links from high authority websites.

Backlink Building

11. Internal Links​

Interlinking your pages and make sure to make a good scheme. That’s money and power to other pages also.

 Internal link

12. Site Speed​

Site speed is officially ranking signal and you should take it seriously for your website.

Try to compress images, pay for better hosting and use CND to speed up your site if needed. Everything below 5 sec is good to go.

Try to achieve it.

13. LSI Keywords​

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are synonyms that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy (and possibly quality).
Put them into every post.

I personally use, free and really useful tool.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords

14. Image Optimization​

Optimize your images. Alt text with your keyword.
Make sure at least one image file name includes your target keyword.

Image Optimization​

15. Social Sharing Buttons​

Social signals will not directly improve your ranking but if people like your content they will gladly share, which means traffic and potential links.
So, don't forget to put the social icon box on your website and every post.

16. Post Long Content​

Try to post at least 2000-5000 words.
In my experience, 5.000-10.000 words content will do the magic.

Post Long Content​

Longer content ranks significantly higher in Google.

17. Boost Dwell Time​

- If Google sees people bouncing from your page in the search results, it’s a clear sign that your site
is not proper quality for final users.

If that's the case, your keywords will start dropping.

To prevent that, add internal links to the beginning of your content.
This is one of the fastest ways to decrease your bounce rate.

18. Dwell Time

​- Google pays very close attention to “short clicks” vs. “long clicks”, also known as dwell time.
So, if someone stays.
If someone hits their back button immediately after landing on a page, it tells Google, that page is low quality.

I hope you'll enjoy it! And That's Not All!
To Say One BIG THANKS To Community​ and Marrrko

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