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Download SPSS Versi 25 Full Version Software Statistik Kegunaan SPSS dalam penelitian adalah untuk olah dan analisis statistik. Banyak...

SPSS Software Statistic Versi 26 - IBM

download spss versi 26
SPSS Software Statistic

Download Software Statistic SPSS Versi 26!!!

SPSS is a statistical special software that is circulating now, SPSS is the most popular and most widely used users throughout the world. SPSS is widely used in a variety of market research, quality control and improvement (qualitiy improvement) and scientific research. The popularity of SPSS is used as a tool for data processing.

SPSS is an acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, now expanded to serve various types of users, such as for the production process at the factory, scientific research and others. Now SPSS stands for Statistical Product and Service Solutions.

Until now SPSS products have been used in various fields such as finance, retail, telecommunications, pharmacy, broadcasting, military, database marketing, marketing research, business forecasting, credit assessment, customer relationship, customer satisfaction assessment and so on.

Initially the SPSS was created for the purpose of processing statistical data for the social sciences, so the SPSS stands for itself is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Now the ability of SPSS is expanded to serve various types of users, such as for factory production processes, scientific research and others. Thus, now stands for SPSS Statistics Product and Service Solutions.

Since July 28, 2009, SPSS has been referred to as PASW (Predictive Analytics SoftWare), because this company has been bought by an IBM company for US $ 1.2 billion.

SPSS can read various types of data or enter data directly into SPSS Data Editor. However the structure of the raw data file is, the data in the SPSS Data Editor must be formed in the form of rows (cases) and columns (variables). Cases contain information for one unit of analysis, while variables are information collected from each case.

SPSS Indonesia (distributor), under PT Survey Prima Solusi Statindo (PT SPSStatindo) was established in Jakarta on June 16, 2000. PT SPSStatindo is the sole representative and official distributor of statistical and data mining software and consulting and training services for all SPSS and Clementine products from SPSS Inc. in the territory of Indonesia. SPSS Inc. domiciled in Chicago, USA.

SPSS and Clementine Software Products can be grouped into four major groups with their respective characteristics, namely:

Group 1: Statistical software, for users who have statistical knowledge.
Group 2: Software for special use, which is very easy for everyone to use, even if they don't have statistical knowledge.
Group 3: Data Mining Software.
Group 4: Data Entry Software, OLAP, SamplePower and others.
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tampilan spss
Software Statistic Versi 26

Fitur-fitur SPSS:

1. Performa yang lebih baik
2. Sistem manajemen data yang lebih bagus
3. Support sistem 64 bit
4. GUI yang mudah dan menarik

5. Dan lebih lengkapnya silahkan kunjungi situs resminya

Download SPSS Software Statistic Versi 26 - IBM

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